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Below are the apps that are currently in the app store. Go check them out.

Time of Possession

Keep track of time of possession in any sport.

All 50 Plates

Bored on a long car ride? Look for license plates from all 50 states.

Women's Lacrosse Stats

A lacrosse stats keeping app specifically for women's lacrosse.

Men's Lacrosse Stats

Your lacrosse stats clipboard in an iOS app!

About Intangible Software

Intangible Software was founded in 2011 when I quit my day job teaching computer programming in college to become a real software engineer. I felt a bit like a fraud teaching students how to code without ever having done that myself. Having owned Macintosh computers just about since they were born and owning the very first iPhone, it was natural for me to begin my career making apps for the iPhone using Objective-C and Xibs.

A few years later I had a several apps in the app store focusing mainly on stats-keeping for various high school sports such as wrestling and lacrosse. I quickly learned that making a living off in-app purchases was going to be difficult for me so I started working full time as an iOS software engineer while keeping up with my own apps on the side. By 2019, my day jobs kept me from being able to keep my apps up to date so I removed them from the App Store.

Now, after several life changes, I'm back to creating iOS Apps! The development environment has changed completely going from Objective-C (which all my old apps were written in) to Swift and from storyboards to SwiftUI. I had a lot to learn to get up to speed with modern coding practices. I'm taking this opportunity to learn Swift and SwiftUI by recreating some of my old apps and building new ones.

Below, you'll see the apps I now have in the App Store along with short descriptions of my old apps. As I update, re-release, and create new ones, I'll be updating this space to match.


Old Apps

The following are older apps I've since retired.

Lacrosse Scorebook

Your lacrosse scorebook in an iPad app!

Mat Stats

An app for keeping score during a wrestling match.